Building community,
one child at a time.

By melanin for all.

Doors Unlocked by Melanin

We need each other.

Even as great strides are made, there is still much work to be done. We need to shine a light, on an area too easily forgotten.
Black scientists. The journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step. Partner with us, as we come alongside this
generation of children and those unborn.

To spread the word, that, “yes” science is an option. Black scientists exist, some know it, but not enough do.
If our children can learn lyrics, they can learn science.

Ready to make a difference? It starts with us. #Weexist #Zebraltermedical #Scienceisanoption

Linking black physicians and dentists to patients. Making it easier by having a database with black physicians and dentists in the United States. Providers of direct patient care and other areas of medicine to improve health for all.

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Created for children who are contemplating careers in science and unsure that it is possible. A website with images of black dentists and physicians from all parts of the United States, that our children can see, will shine a light that, Yes it is possible.

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The need is urgent. Come along side Zebraltermedical to shine a light across our nation that a career in medicine and dentistry is an option for young black children.

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Zebraltermedical will work in partnership with schools, by providing Science awareness grants and adopt a school program.

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How Zebralter Medical Works?

Outreach Programs

We will partner with local schools in different states across America to teach and empower our youth that science is an option, one school at a time. We must be the change we seek. We cannot wait for others. We must rise up, as individuals and as a community, with one voice to encourage our youth that they, too, can dream big and work towards their goals.

It starts with us. Be part of our community outreach program. Let’s make a difference today.

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