Community Involvement.

Fostering Science through Awards

Zebralter Medical has partnered with Black Alumni Network of University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, offering awards to black students who are pursuing careers in the field of Science.
Students who have demonstrated leadership in the community and are willing to pay it forward.
We cannot underestimate the power of awards to encourage students to stay the course and leave things better than they found it.

Bringing STEM to local Schools

Zebralter Medical understands the importance of representation.
Getting involved with local schools allows students to see science as a viable option.
The same way communities of color see themselves in the world of athletics we seek to increase our visibility in the world of Science.
Goal: Kicks off their imagination making careers in STEM more achievable.

We empower our children to broaden their vision

We are the change we seek. The need is urgent and we can empower our community, and encourage our youth to dream big.

Equipping them with tools to rise to their highest potential.